What my clients say:

I found myself unable to move forward. I signed on for Sue's six-week coaching sessions to blast through my resistance and gain clarity on my life. Sue uses a variety of tools, including sound healing, tapping, and good old-fashioned therapeutic insights to help clients unhook destructive thought patterns and clear emotional and mental blocks. Through targeted questions and her own intuitive answers, Sue helped me envision my ideal life, and homed in on issues that prevented me from succeeding in my creative endeavors. She didn’t dole out advice, she offered invitations. Her suggestions always resonated with me, as a subtle vibration, or a jolting “ah-ha!” moment—and over the six weeks, I had many “ah-ha!” moments. Homework assignments kept me on track between sessions, and since each session is recorded, I’m able to access them anytime I need a refresher. I can positively say, Sue Wilhite helped transform me from the Queen of Overwhelm to the Duchess of Calm. I recommend her highly to anyone who seeks to clarify their goals, understand their blocks, get unstuck, and move towards greater success.

Diane H.   

Sue just so happen to be in my work place offering a free in person session with her tuning forks and it was an automatic Zen alignment that I felt instantly. I felt at peace and just there are no words just Automatic Zen Moment.


When I used the Sweet Sound Of Sleep recording, I was able to have the best night sleep even though I had the worst head cold for 2 days. I slept like a baby, and it was even harder with my 4 year old son to try and get to sleep those 2 nights.


I purchased the 5-minute audio to help me sleep. I've been having trouble sleeping through the night for a while now. This audio worked so well the first night I couldn't believe it. I used it for the entire week with the same restful result -- falling off to sleep and awaking in the morning feeling great. I continue to get a restful night's sleep with this audio. Thank you, Sue, for creating something so simple and so effective. I'm telling all my friends about this.


I was amazed by the benefits of using The Sweet Sound of Sleep! I noticed a shift in my breathing patterns the first night and woke up refreshed. When I travel I normally return home exhausted after a couple of days. On a recent extended trip I arrived home refreshed and ready to go. Thanks Sue! Your product is a game changer for me.


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