What Do YOU want?

What are your dreams for YOUR life? What are your goals?

I want to live in a world where everyone’s gifts and talents are recognized, nurtured, and celebrated regardless of gender or geography.

You know what drives me crazy? Really smart women denying their talents because they’ve been taught that it has to be hard; because they’ve been taught that they don’t deserve their gifts; because they’ve been taught that their gender means they can’t express their genius.

I want you to have access to your innate talents and abilities. I want to share the joy of discovering what amazing gifts got included with the package that is you. I want you to explore the edges and expand your definition of YOU. I want you to go out and rock the world with your genius.

I hope you want all that too!

So I’ve created the “Call to Action Coaching Program.”

It’s all about getting to the heart of what YOU can do best, and how you can get out into the world and do it like no other.

It’s about transforming your blocks into rocket fuel.

It’s about pointing out your personal ignition button, and having you leap upon it and push it with joy & enthusiasm.

Call to Action Coaching can help you propel yourself into the life you really want in only eight 30-minute, action-oriented sessions that will break you out of your old patterns.

I use many tools, developed over decades of counseling experience, and choose the ones that are tailored to your situation – because you are not a “one size fits all” kind of person!
Each weekly 45 minute session will consist of the following:

  • Review of your previous week’s actions & experiences
  • Celebrating your successes
  • Analyzing your challenges
  • Homework for the next week

I found myself unable to move forward. I signed on for Sue's six-week coaching sessions to blast through my resistance and gain clarity on my life. Sue uses a variety of tools, including sound healing, tapping, and good old-fashioned therapeutic insights to help clients unhook destructive thought patterns and clear emotional and mental blocks. Through targeted questions and her own intuitive answers, Sue helped me envision my ideal life, and homed in on issues that prevented me from succeeding in my creative endeavors. She didn’t dole out advice, she offered invitations. Her suggestions always resonated with me, as a subtle vibration, or a jolting “ah-ha!” moment—and over the six weeks, I had many “ah-ha!” moments. Homework assignments kept me on track between sessions, and since each session is recorded, I’m able to access them anytime I need a refresher. I can positively say, Sue Wilhite helped transform me from the Queen of Overwhelm to the Duchess of Calm. I recommend her highly to anyone who seeks to clarify their goals, understand their blocks, get unstuck, and move towards greater success.

Diane H.   

Get started…

Call to Action Coaching Program
6 weeks to get clear on your genius, break through your blocks, and rock the world!
Price: $1,497.00

Call to Action Coaching (3 payments)
6 weeks to get clear on your genius, break through your blocks, and rock the world!
Price: 550.00 per month